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COGNIsoft-I is a suite of 12 programs developed for cognitive rehabilitation of persons with brain injuries and brain diseases. The primary target for the programs has been the needs of victims of closed head trauma (e.g. after traffic accidents). However, some of the programs have also proven useful in the rehabilitation of patients with stroke, multiple sclerosis and other brain diseases. Finally, some programs are designed for symptoms most often seen in stroke, like visual hemineglect.

A compromise between user friendliness and flexibility has been sought in the development of the programs. It cannot be avoided that this flexibility makes the use more complicated, but flexibility is important because users may function at very different levels in terms of the speed and complexity they can cope with, and level of cuing they may need. Thus, because of their flexibility, the programs may be used with person with mild as well as severe cognitive impairments.

No type of material for cognitive rehabilitation can replace a thorough neuropsychological assessment and planning for the single patient or client, and these programs are no exception to this general rule. They may, however, constitute a useful part of a comprehensive rehabilitation program (that should also include the emotional situation of the participant and his social skills).